Holistic deals with things as a whole. When one thing is missing it is counted as not being complete. Holistic Coaching is about being aware of the client’s whole life as well as their mind, their body, and their spirit. A holistic coach works with individuals who wish to achieve more flow and balance in their life and wellbeing. By exploring, and accepting, each individual’s unique attributes, experiences, creative thinking and personal requirements a holistic coach is able to guide, motivate and inspire positive life changes.

What is Holistic Coaching?

Coaches naturally focus on the whole of the client.  Many techniques and tools can be used within the holistic coaching process, and these may include Emotional Freedom Empowerment, Stress Management and relaxation/meditation exercises. Generally, a coaching relationship will start with the Wheel of Life. The Wheel of Life exercise allows the client and the coach to truly understand exactly where the client is in their life today. The Wheel of Life looks at not only the client, but also those people who impact the client’s life – parents, children, grandchildren, siblings, cousins, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. By allowing the client to truly understand where they are in their own and whole life, gives the client the time and opportunity to connect and become self-aware of their inner-self.


What does a Holistic Coach Do?

  • helps clients to recognize their own abilities to find the right direction and to address challenges along the way.
  • creates a more joyful and fulfilling life
  • helps clients to discover and embrace the magnificence of their true identities, to bring spirit fully into form.
  • helps clients to access their full potential and become powerful creators of the lives they desire and deserve.
  • offers a person-centred experience that encourages positive changes.