After graduation from Kultur College in Istanbul, her studies continued Public Relations and Publicity undergraduate program of Istanbul Bilgi University. Relocating to Paris in 2004 she continued her studies with French language education at d`Alliance Française and l'Université de la Sorbonne. Returning to Turkey in 2008 to continue her academic studies in the field of Child Development and Education, English Language Teaching Pedogogy at Marmara University to progress her academic training in the field of Child Development and Teaching in order to maintain a higher degree of tuition. After working in many areas of teaching and management in kindergartens and primary schools, she moved to England in 2019 and integrated the education sector of her studies into the “Life Coaching Field”. Thus, adding Access Counciouness and Mindfulness training to Oxbridge Uk Life Coaching Level 3 Cache training. Her life coaching career continued in the area of individual and corporate coaching and the educational field. Being inspired to be the light and guide of humanity and demonstrating that there is no limit to what we can be achieced in the subconscious mind by using her specific techniques there is the capability of releasing our subcouncious mind into a state of calmness.